It’s time to schedule School, Sports and Kindergarten physicals!

Regular physicals are a chance for our medical providers to discuss important health issues our patients. These exams can make sure that you or your child is healthy and physically prepared to participate in sports activities and be prepared for the school year.

Specific requirements vary, but during a sports or school physical our medical providers will:

  • Review the patient's medical history

  • Conduct a physical examination

  • Offer information on signs of concussion

  • Complete forms needed for sports or school participation (forms to be provided by parent/guardian if patient is a minor)

At Fallbrook Family Health Center, we also provide a variety of immunizations, offer treatment for a variety of common conditions and write prescriptions, when appropriate.

Who Should Get a Physical?

Many states require physical exams once a year or before participating in any physical activity at a school, camp or community organization. Minors must be accompanied by an adult chaperone or guardian and have parental/guardian permission.

What Should You Bring?

Bring any required forms for our medical providers to complete. If the patient wears glasses or contacts, bring those to the exam as well.